“Surprise!” Celebrating Because We Can

Surprise! Celebrating Because You CanHer face squeezed and her body shivered. Smiling broadly she bounded to the couch, too surprised to do anything else.

Then there was the rush of friendship: little girls greeting and giggling and a giving each other the tightest of squeezes.

She never expected it, she never would have guessed, but her whole world was in on the surprise.

Walking through the front door that day she found a room full of friends, a morning full of games, plus pink decorations, pizza, and punch.

And it was all for her, the Big-Sister-To-Be.

It was a Surprise Big Sister Sprinkle.

A party because we could. A surprise because we can. A celebration, because there is much to celebrate.

“Mom, I loved my surprise.” she said over and over that evening, “Could every party be a surprise party?”

This week may you also be surprised by love. May you find that you have much to celebrate, and then celebrate just because you can.

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