Bigger, Better, and All Over Again

Bigger, Better and All Over Again“I can do better. I’ll just make it bigger.”

I’d made two pumpkin pies following the recipe that week, and now an expert, I was convinced I could do better.

The problem was the filling; it was too much. Or maybe it was the crust; it was too small.

“I can do better,” I thought. “I’ll just make it bigger.”

So I bought the extra large pie crust. It held my filling exactly. Then I put it in the oven to bake.

And bake.

And bake.

And just before our guests were set to arrive, my extra large pumpkin pie was ready.

It had worked.

I did it better. I made it bigger.

And it worked.

With oven-mitted hands, I carefully reached into the oven. Supporting both sides, I gently lifted my extra large masterpiece. And in one fluid movement, without any fuss, the whole thing folded in half.

Hot filling splattered inside the oven. Pumpkin pie oozed through the hinge of the door and drained into the drawer below, then it bled under our cabinets and across the kitchen floor.

I had a pumpkin pie implosion, extra large and just in time for guests.

My pie might have been bigger. It may have been better. But I had failed in the fundamentals; I had forgotten to bake it with a baking sheet underneath.


Maybe I wasn’t such an expert after all. And maybe, just maybe, my ego ought to start again.

This week may your creativity also take you on new adventures. May your confidence be solid enough to get you started, and humility help you when you have to start again.

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