Hi, I’m Robin.Image of Robin Vanzant, Christian speaker and faith-based blogger who offers Christian encouragement for women in central Ohio

I offer Christian encouragement for women. I want to help “good girls” find good reasons to keep going with Jesus because, well, it can be easy to find a lot of reasons not to.

At least that’s been my experience.

A few years back my own pile of reasons to give up on Jesus was heaped high as the sky. Back then life felt extra confusing and the people in my life, ever-consuming. It didn’t seem to matter that in my head I had firmly decided that following Jesus was the best way to live, because every single day my heart needed a stern reminder.

I knew all the big, audacious reasons to believe; I had grown up with them. I had the practical ins and outs of following down pat; I had built my life around them. And yet, I needed more.

I needed an everyday, every moment kind of meaning. I needed a life and a faith that could intersect anywhere. I needed to discover that what I believed to be true really was true, all the time, everywhere.

So I started looking, and asking, and watching, and living and now I write about what I find every week on the blog. I also speak about it here and there too. I share my big God story and my everyday God stories – all the good reasons I’ve found to keep going with Jesus – to encourage you in your search for yours.

I’m a wife and a mom, and I live in Westerville, Ohio. I’m currently working on my first book, a memoir of my experience growing up with a mom who had Huntington’s Disease. Some of my earliest writings were on this subject. Learn more of that story by reading these posts.

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